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What is LarGe?

LarGe Solutions stands for solving complex IT / Engineering problems.
This will be accomplished by analysing the problem and finding an appropriate method per customer.
LarGe Solutions is specialized in the following methods:

Software Development for Desktops.

Software development voor desktops.

Software Development for Apple.

Software development voor Apple.

WebInterface / Website

Webinterface / Website



Who is LarGe?

App development

Lars Gevers

Lars Gevers is the owner and founder of LarGe Solutions.

Lars started programming when he was just 12 years old.
From that moment on, programming became a passion that has been growing ever since.
Currently, he is a programmer with a lot of experience on different platforms and different languages.
Lars is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the TU in Eindhoven.

Birthyear: 1993, Currently living in: Veghel

Contact Information:

LarGe Customers

Software development voor desktops.
Productontwikkeling en technisch advies.
Productontwikkeling en technisch advies.

Productontwikkeling en automatisering.
Software development voor desktops.
Webportaal ontwikkeling voor adminstratieve inzichtelijkheid.

Welkomsscherm voor uitzendkrachten.

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T: +31 (0)6 41196112


A: Besselaar 8, Veghel

CoC: 71738053

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